Allure of the Seas Dining Options

A ship the size of the Allure of the Seas it’s no surprise that there are many, many dining options that span both complimentary and specialty restaurants. Among the complimentary dining is the Main Dining Room open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, Park Café, Windjammer Café, Wipeout Café, Promenade Café, Solarum Bisto, Sorrento’s Pizza and room service (there is a fee for room service in the very early hours of the morning). Among the Specialty restaurants, which require a surcharge and reservations to dine in them, are 150 Centra Park, Chops Grille steakhouse, Giovanni’s Table and Samba Grill. The ship also offers casual restaurants for a nominal fee; Johnny Rockets, Cupcake Cupboard, Rita’s Cantina, Boardwalk Dog House and the Ice Cream Parlor.

During my stay aboard the ship, I had breakfast the first 2 days at the Windjammer Cafe. The café had lots of people at regular dining times, but I had no trouble finding a table in spite of the crowds. The café offers great breakfast buffet fare with many food choices. To avoid the breakfast crowds, we decided to try out the Park Café in Central Park and were delighted to discover that there are not many people here, plus we had the added bonus of dining outdoors among the lush gardens. Not as many food choices, but they offered a build your own bagel bar, fresh fruit, muffins, breakfast burritos, McMuffin sandwhiches and a selection of pastries.

I had dinner in the My Time Dining Room 3 times and the food was excellent as usual and they offer a magnificent Crème Brule for dessert. Opting for the My Time Dining allowed me to choose what time I wanted to eat. With it, you can choose to make reservations at a specific time for the dining room, or you can just show up when you are ready to eat. I did not make reservations for the dining room and was able to get right in when I arrived between 5:30 and 6:30pm. If you want to use the My Time dining option but want to eat after 7:00pm, I would suggest making reservations for the dining room.

I also tried 4 of the specialty restaurants: Rita’s Cantina, Samba Grill (a Brazillian steakhouse), Chops Grille and Giovanni’s Table.

Dinner my first night was a Sail Away party at Rita’s Cantina, a Mexican restaurant on the Boardwalk which requires reservations. The meal included 3 margaritas, excellent appetizers, a main course of fajitas, and a dessert of flan and churro’s with chocolate dipping sauce. Audience participation entertainment was provided in the form of dancing along to the Mexican fiesta music as well as dancing instruction outside the restaurant on the boardwalk, familiar favorite songs, and sombreros and blinking light necklaces. My only complaint was the music was very, very loud and I felt I had been at a rock concert after leaving dinner.

The Samba Grill experience begins when you are seated and the waiter brings a warm basket of small round divine cheese rolls. One could really make a meal of these cheese rolls, they are so delicious. The meal begins at a self-serve salad bar filled with a wonderful selection of appetizers, soups, salads, shrimp (one of my absolute favorites). The main course features various cuts of rotisserie-roasted meat carved tableside and traditional Brazilian desserts.

Chops Grille feels like an upscale restaurant and their specialty is, of course, steak. The meal begins with a loaf of warm, crusty bread. Appetizer selections are always hard to make, but I choose the wild mushroom soup which was wonderful. There are several steak choices and I selected the fillet mignon. The steak was wonderfully tender and came with a side dish of broccolini, and my dessert choice was Red Velvet Cake.

Gionvanni’s Table is also located in Central Park and offered outside dining, in fact the same table I had at breakfast. Giovanni’s table is a family style Italian restaurant with many lovely pasta dishes.

There are several types of drink packages offered. I took advantage of the soda package, receiving a refillable drink cup in my stateroom and my shipboard card also had a symbol on it denoting the drink package. I just needed to show my card at any bar or restaurant and received my choice of soda. The ship also has drink machines where you can refill your cup yourself. My friend choose to purchase a 5-bottle wine package which she enjoyed. Each night at dinner, she received a list of wines that she could choose from. If she was not able to finish the wine at dinner, the waiter was able to save it for the next night. They notate the bottle with your room number on it, making it available the next night at whatever dining venue passengers decide to eat at.

Our Review of the Allure of the Seas: Part 1

I’ve never had the desire to sail onboard one of the new mega ships, but recently, I had the opportunity to take a 7-night cruise on the Royal Caribbean Allure of the Seas. The ship holds 5,400 passengers and 2,175 crew. Thanks to its size, once onboard, it is easy to forget you are on a ship. There is virtually no movement of the ship when at sea and many places where one does not even see see the ocean.

My first impression upon arrival at the pier is that this ship is gigantic–truly a floating city. We arrived at the pier at about 11:30am and was surprised at how quickly check-in went. Our staterooms were not ready until 1:45 PM, but we were able to wander around and get familiar with the ship. In spite of its enormous size the ship is very well laid out, providing plenty of places for its 5,400 passengers to occupy its time.

The design and features of this ship are really spectacular. One thing I noticed right away onboard ship is that near all the elevators is an interactive information center which is available in 5 languages. These information centers help you find your cabin, include dining and venue information, what to do right now and also give indicators on how busy each dining venue is at that moment. It also provides a very handy button for mapping the way to any destination or cabin. The ship is easy to navigate. I saw many parents with strollers and several people with mobility scooters.

Central Park

We entering on the Promenade Deck, I took the elevator to Central Park for a look around and some lunch. My first impression of Central Park was one of incredulity. Royal Caribbean has really recreated an open-air park. You actually forget that you are on a ship as there are no views of the sea but it is open to the sky. Live, lush green foliage, plants, flowers and open air bring it to life along with many hidden gems tucked away in corners. There were even live birds and butterflies sailing with us during the week.

Central Park has 4 restaurants and 2 bars; the Park Café, Chops Grille, Giovanni’s Table and 150 Central Park, Vintages Wine Bar and the Trellis Bar. It also has 3 shops, the Britto Store and art gallery, a Coach store and a portrait studio. This is also where you find the interior view balcony cabins rising up on both sides of the park. Lunch at the Park Café was tasty, offering salads, roast beef sandwiches and panini’s. Indoor and outdoor seating is available. After discovering the Windjammer Café is really crowded for breakfast in the mornings, we tried out the Park Café and had a great breakfast sitting outdoors with no waiting.

The Boardwalk

The Boardwalk is a really fun place which was inspired by seaside piers on the coast a England and Coney Island. It really feels like you are on a boardwalk. Again, hard to believe you are at sea on a ship. The Boardwalk features the Boardwalk Dog House offering many different types of hot dogs, ice cream parlor, Pets at Sea (pseudo Build-A-Bear) candy store, Johnny Rockets 50’s style diner, donuts at breakfast time, cotton candy, 2 rock climbing walls and the only all wood carousel at sea. The Aqua Theater where Oceanaria, a water/diving show with water acrobatics and high-diving is performed as well as a Madagascar water show during the day. You can also watch movies under the stars here. The Boardwalk also has the interior balconies overlooking the boardwalk as well as the Aqua Theater Suites which have really big balconies. The Aqua Theater Suites are at the end of the Boardwalk overlooking the Aqua Theater. People booking cabins in this area will have quite a bit of noise from the Boardwalk well into the night.


The Promenade is a lovely deck that has somewhat of a 1920’s feel to it, complete with bars, shops, Sorrento’s Pizza. A really great 1920s feel to it, complete with a 1920 Cadillac right in the middle of it, a Cupcake Cupboard, Guest Services, a Coach store, the Rising Tide Bar which moves between decks 5 & 6, and the first ever Starbucks at sea and much more. The Cupcake Cupboard offers delicious cupcakes and also offers a cupcake making class (for a fee). The class was loads of fun and most of all, a delicious treat at the end!

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona  holds a certain fascination for travelers in its modernist architecture,  interesting history, and casualness that’s absent in other Spanish cities.  Founded as a Roman Colony named Barcino at the  end of the 1st Century BC.  Barcelona has weathered Muslim  and Christian conquests, witnessed political upheavals, and emerged as a modern  destination on par with any European city.

These are some of the local highlights of Barcelona:

La Rambla

A thoroughfare that cuts right through the city for 1.2  kilometers. La Rambla is laid out along the contours of the medieval walls and  allows access to some of Barcelona’s  highlights such as the Gran Teatre del Liceu and the Boqueria Market.

© J. Trullàs/ Turisme de Barcelona

Park Guell

Park Guell was  a garden-city project commissioned by Eusebi Guell.  Gaudi was hired to design the park and chose  to integrate architecture with nature at every possible opportunity.  Initially desighed as an attempt to create a  housing estate in the natural setting of what was once the old village of Gracia, covering an area of about 15  hectares or about 40 acres.  The plan was  never realized and only two houses were constructed.  Neither were designed by Gaudi, but one of  them was his home and has been converted into a museum dedicated to his works,  featuring furniture designed by the architect and artwork created by his  contemporaries.  The numerous footpaths  throughout the path provide visitors a chance to catch glimpses of Gaudi’s  characteristic, colorful architecture and mosaics as well as brilliant views of  the city.

© MasterLu –

La Boqueria

Perhaps one of the most famous markets in Barcelona the Mercat de Sant Josep de la  Boqueria is located on La Rambla not far from the Leceu.  Offering a wide selection of goods, though La  Boqueria is considered something of a tourist trap it does offer an excellent  look at a functional, Spanish market where locals and tourists mingle alike.

Photo by Dungodung

Parc del Laberint d’Horta

Beyond the well known, modernist Park Guell the lesser known  Parc del Laberint d’Horta which is situated in the Horta-Guinardo  district.  The name of the park comes  from the 750 meters of trimmed cypress trees that makes up the maze on the  lower terrace.  Throughout the garden are  pavilions, states of mythological creatures and gods, and the neoarabic and  neogothic palace of the Desvalls family.

La Barceloneta

Barcelona naturally  established as a port city on the Mediterranean.  Naturally, it offers excellent beaches  extending along the sea for about 4.5 km.   With urban redevelopment initiatives enacted in the early 90s for the  Olympics, the city is now opened to sea with restaurants, bars, and shopping  located in the streets around these beaches.

© Espai d’Imatge/ Turisme de Barcelona

Things to Keep in Mind

Lunch and Dinner are usually eaten latter than the rest of Europe with most restaurants opening between 1pm to 4pm  for lunch and between 8pm and 11pm for dinner.

Shops typically open between 10am to 2pm and from 4:30 to 8  or 8:30pm.  Though in the Barcelona city center,  most shops don’t close for lunchtime with large shopping areas remaining open  until 10pm in the Summer.

Royal Caribbean’s Next Ship: The Quantum of the Seas

While the Oasis of the Seas and the Allure  of the Seas hold the title as the largest and longest ships in the world,  Royal Caribbean’s next class of ships, the Quantum  Class, will feature its own set of unique, industry firsts such as an  onboard skydiving simulator and an observation tower.  Here are some of its more notable features:

Photo Courtesy of Royal Caribbean

One of the most notable features  of a Quantum class ship is the giant arm with a glass walled capsule at the end  sitting at the top.  This is the  NorthStar observation tower which will take guests up and over the side of the ship.  Use of it will be complimentary and on a  first come, first serve basis with the exception of sunset, sunrise, and  private trips which will be available for reservations and an extra charge.

Photo Courtesy of Royal Caribbean

Ripcord, the skydiving simulator,  is an onboard vertical wind tunnel that provides passengers the sense of  freefalling.  It’s available free of  charge to all passengers, but it does require a reservation which can be made  pre-cruise.

Photo Courtesy of Royal Caribbean


Photo Courtesy of Royal Caribbean

Two70 is situated on decks 5-7 at  the stern of the ship features a three story high, 270 degree panoramic ocean  view.  Changing throughout the course of  the day, this venue features a cafe, an ice bar, and a performance venue for  nouveau cirque style show and disco.

Photo Courtesy of Royal Caribbean

Along with some of Royal  Caribbean’s favorite activity venues such as the flow rider and the rock  climbing walls, Quantum ships will feature a new sports venue called  SeaPlex.  Located on deck 15, this two  story indoor venue features a full-sized basketball court that also serves as a  dance floor, flying trapeze school, a roller skating arena, and a bumper cars  ride.  It also features a food truck  styled, casual dining option with table tennis, air hockey, and foosball tables  on the second level.

Photo Courtesy of Royal Caribbean

Following Norwegian Cruise Line  in the same vein of endless options for travelers, Royal Caribbean’s Quantum of  the Seas will feature studio staterooms for single travelers with 12 that will  feature balconies, interior staterooms use floor-to-ceiling 80-inch  high-definition TV screens showing live views of the outside of the ship which  Royal Caribbean refers to as Virtual Balconies, and modular staterooms that can  be connected for families.  On average,  the staterooms aboard Quantum class ships are 9% larger than those of the Oasis  class.

Photo Courtesy of Royal Caribbean

The Quantum of the Seas is  scheduled to visit the Caribbean and the Bahamas  for its first itineraries, sailing out of New York harbor.

Cooking Schools

Cooking schools have become a  major trend in travel.  With everything  from tours, cruises, and in depth market excursions with chefs the opportunity  to learn about a destination through food has never been greater than now.  And with so many options to choose from it helps  to have an idea of what’s out there:

Ramekins, Sonoma

On our tour to San Francisco  & Wine Country, a visit to Ramekins cooking school for a four course meal cooked by the participants of our group under the direction of the  school’s resident chefs was included.  Together we  made phyllo tartlets with mushrooms and smoked mozzarella, shrimp cakes with salsa crude, crispy wonton cups with apple and brie for appetizers; corn, arugula, and tomato salad, butterflied brest chicken breast stuffed with olives, pecorino, and pine nuts, buttermilk garlic mashed potatoes,  and season vegetables for the entree; and a New York cheesecake with Cherry merlot sauce for dessert.  For those who are looking for a truly in  depth, wine country cooking vacation, Ramekins offers accommodations and  courses specifically designed to take advantage of the seasons.  And in true Northern   California fashion, everything was locally harvested and  fresh.

La Cuisine Paris

While there are probably dozens  of remarkable cooking schools in Paris La Cuisine Paris is probably one of the  most all encompassing, reasonably priced, and accessible of those  available.  With courses taught in English,  though they do have classes in French if you’re knowledgeable and adventurous,  their curriculum includes classes that were specifically created for travelers  that last a few hours and are conveniently located in central Paris not far from the Notre Dame. Some of their notable courses include how to make macarons, crepes, and croissants as well as trips into local Paris to nearby markets, historical French cooking equipment stores, restaurants, patisseries, etc.. If you’re looking for something a little more historical and off the beaten path, La Cuisine Paris also does trips to nearby Versailles to explain how the center of the French court affected French Cuisine, a trip to the local Market de Versailles, and a stop at their favorite local restaurant. Included in the cost is transportation to and from Versailles, a day admission ticket to the Palace, and the experience itself.

Other French Cooking Classes

Marc Héracle’s  Cooking School
Chef Marc Héracle’s  own Chateau d’Arnajon, located only a few miles outside of Aix-en-Provence is also the site of his own  cooking school. Classes have only 25 participants, are taught in English, and  come with a tour of his historic estate.   This more intimate cooking school provides visitors with a hands on look  at Provencal cuisine, a tour of his estate, and a meal in his gardens.  Though Chef Héracle  doesn’t have a website he can be contacted via email at

La Boqueria Market, Samu73/ Flickr

Other Cooking School  Opportunities:


Many new cruise ships have been  constructed with appropriate facilities to provide passengers with hands on  training by chefs.  A number of them are  offered free of charge, include a visit to nearby markets to collect  ingredients, and provide information on the regional cuisine.  Andrea Rotondo of Fodor’s has created an  informative list of what cruise ships offer in terms of cooking classes.


If you’re not interested in a  hardcore cooking experience, many modern tours come with an opportunity to  visit a cooking school.  Tour companies  such as Trafalgar Tours, Globus, and Abercrombie & Kent offer several  itineraries where it is either included of comes as an optional excursion.

Best Cooking Schools Around the  World

Italy’s Top Cooking Schools

Viator Cooking Classes

New York on a Budget Tip

New York City is infamous for the cost of living and visiting, so it helps to save when and where you can. On a recent trip to New York, I had the opportunity to learn, as I always do on my many trips to Manhattan, a new way to improve visits to the Big Apple.

Times Square, Tim Wilson/ Flickr

Recently, I escorted a tour group from Highland High School who wanted to stay at more economical lodgings. After I personally inspected a couple that I felt might work, we ended up staying at the West Side YMCA at 5 West 63rd Street. A YMCA is like staying in a European hostel, so we had to prepare the students and parents and chaperons as to what to expect. I personally took photos of the rooms, the communal restrooms (showers, sinks, toilets) so that everyone would know far ahead of time what the accommodations were like. I passed these photos around to everyone at our pre-tour meeting. By doing this no one was surprised when they checked into the YMCA. Actually we loved it.

The location was wonderful – a half block away from Lincoln Center and across the street from Central Park. With only 3 showers on each floor for girls and 3 for boys, we were concerned about having 117 guests all trying to get ready at the same time, but it all worked out (we were spread out on 4 floors – so that helped). We were in our rooms for so little time, spent our time doing tours, workshops, attending Broadway plays, performing in Central Park, etc. and the staff at this YMCA were so friendly and accommodating – it was a real pleasure being there and certainly the least expensive option we could have ever come up with.

Making Sure You’re Ready For Your Cruise

Let’s say you’ve booked your dream cruise vacation, you arrive at the pier, and when you check in you’re told you can’t get on the ship because of…. Sometimes it’s the smallest things that can derail what should otherwise be an easy check in process. And usually, these small things can be easily fixed if they’re caught in time. So here are our tips to make sure that you’re ready for your cruise vacation.

Photo by Port of San Diego/ Flickr

Before You Travel:
•Check your confirmation when you receive it. If there’s an error you can most likely take care of it. This is also a good time to check cancellation dates.
•Check your travel documents. Do you need a visa to travel to your destination? Is your passport valid? Some countries require that your passport be valid up to six months after your cruise’s completion date.
•When you receive your final documents check them to make sure everything is correct. Like your confirmation, most things can be easily fixed here.
•Shortly before departure, it’s a good idea to contact your credit card company to inform them that you’ll be traveling, where you’ll be going, and how long you’ll be gone. This will prevent your charges from being declined during your trip.
•Also contact your cell phone company to make sure that your calls are covered.

While You’re Traveling:
•Any medication that you may need make sure that you carry it with you.
•Keep your travel documents with you while you’re traveling. Do not put them in your luggage.
•Don’t take any valuables with you such as jewelry.
•If you’re a single parent traveling with your child, especially if you don’t share the same last name as your child, make sure that you have a signed notarized letter from the other parent giving their permission to take the child out of the country.

About Us Infographic

Thomas Travel has been in business for 62 years making it  the oldest, continually operational travel agency in Salt Lake City.  That being said, our company has played  witness to several incredible hallmarks in travel history as have we, the  current operators of our company, had the opportunity to travel to some really  remarkable places.  Below is an  infographic detailing some of the more interesting facts about us.

Click to see a larger version.

The Royal Princess Arrives June 2013

The next ship to be launched under the Princess name is to  be the Royal Princess which will enter service in June of this year.  It is to be the first of a class bearing the  same name and will have two sister ships, the Regal Princess and another yet to  be named ship.

Atrium, Courtesy of Princess Cruises

Among her most notable highlights:

  • A       piazza style atrium, now 50% larger in size.
  • The       largest top pool deck throughout the Princess Fleet which will feature a       water and light show, an improved Movies Under the Stars screen, and the       new SeaWalkSM where passengers will be able to walk over the side of the       ship and view the water 128 feet below through a glass bottom on the       starboard side. On the port side of the ship, is the Seaview bar.
  • Water       & Light Show is an evening show on the top pool deck with sound and       light accompanied by dancing waters that shoot 33 feet in the air.
Forward Dining Room, Courtesy of Princess Cruises
  • Dining      
    • General Dining Options
      • Two Anytime Dining rooms where passengers will         have the choice to dine with whoever and whenever.
    • Casual Dining Options
      • Ocean Terrace Seafood Bar encompasses every         seafood option imaginable including sushi, sashimi, ceviche, and caviar.
      • Alfredo’s         Pizzeria offers hand tossed Neapolitan style pizza
      • Vines         provides wine, sushi, and a tapas bar
      • The Horizon Court Buffet is double the size of         those aboard other ships and features the a large selection of quick         meal options, snacks, a hibachi grill, several rotisseries, carving         stations, a taqueria, salad tossing stations, and the Pastry Shop which         is situated in a completely separate space offering, as the name         suggests, pastries and a full range coffee bar.
      • Gelato is the pastry shop/ gelateria
      • International Cafe offers pastries but also         paninis
      • The Pastry Shop naturally has pastries, hote         desserts, flambes and a coffee bar.
    • Specialty        Restaurants aboard the Royal Princess will include
Seaview Bar, Courtesy of Princess Cruises
Movies Under the Stars, Courtesy of Princess Cruises
    • Club        6 aptly named for its location on Deck 6, is the new dance club.
    • Princess        Live! is the first at sea TV studios that will broadcast aboard ship        events such as culinary shows, live concerts, late night comedy and game        shows.
  • Staterooms      
    • Staterooms        offered aboard ship includes a larger version of the balcony stateroom,        the Deluxe Balcony stateroom, which offers all of the same amenities as        the other rooms including more space and a sofa bed.
    • Staterooms        aboard ship feature a new design that includes a larger vanity area,        enhanced mirror lighting, increased shower space, and a detachable        hand-held massage shower head.
    • Environmentally-friend        key card system helps to save energy onboard when passengers are not in        their stateroom.
  • Recreation
    • The Center Court        offers a number of outdoor activities that include basketball, tennis,        volleyball, a portable batting cage, putting green, bocce ball, croquet        area, an indoor driving range, and a laser shooting range.
    • The        Lotus Spa is another largest offering the largest spa with an even        greater number of services such as the Relaxation Lounge and treatment        villas for couples.
    • Movies        Under the Stars has become a fairly common occurrence among cruise        ships.  Aboard the Royal Princess,        the screen is high-definition and twice the size on previous ships.
    • The        Sanctuary is an outdoor lounge which is 20% larger with a new decor and        white canopy, and an adjacent retreat pool with poolside cabanas.
Top Deck, Courtesy of Princess Cruises

The Royal Princess’s Maiden Season will include voyages  through Europe.

Itineraries   will include

  • 7-Day Iberia  Voyage
  • 12-Day Grand Mediterranean
  • 18-Day Maiden Venetian Passage
  • 3-Day Advance Preview Sailings

While these features represent only a few of the aamenties, to read more about the Royal Princess, click here.

American Castles: Castello di Amorosa

For regular readers of our blog, the name Castello di Amorosa might ring a bell from the series we did on Trafalgar Tours’ San Francisco  & California Wine Country.  This  medieval style castle has 107 rooms, 4 levels above ground and 4 below, and 121,000  square feet.

Located in Calistoga, at the north end of the Napa Valley, this castle might look old but it only opened its doors six years ago.  Its story is rather unique, having started life as the pet project of fourth generation vintner and owner of V. Sattui  Winery Dario Sattui.  The winery’s land was first purchased by Sattui about twenty years ago with the intention of building a new home for himself and growing some grapes for his own personal use.  With a lifelong love of castles and an interest in medieval architecture, he began planning what would eventually become the Castello di Amorosa.  Sattui sought help from  Lars Nimskov, Fritz Gruber, and later Paolo Ardito who had the knowledge of designing the authentic recreation of a medieval castle and the understanding of the traditional building materials used.  Construction began in January 1995 with the underground caves being completed in five and a half  months. Ten years passed on the complex, and in 2004, work finally begun on the above ground sections.  Many of the construction materials were sourced from torn down castles in Europe, and when they couldn’t find a particular period piece, traditional methods were employed to recreate them that included wrought iron elements, leaded stained glass windows, hand carved stone decorations, and chiseled stone quarried from nearby.  Construction was completed three years later, and Castello di Amorosa was opened in  2007.

Although this is a working winery with all the accoutrements  expected of one (fermentation rooms, tasting rooms, and even a gift shop), Dario Sattui was emphatic that the castle create an authentic experience for guests which extends to many of the rooms that serve no other function than to  recreate staples of the middle ages.

Above ground, visitors enter from a drawbridge to a stone  courtyard that provides access to a chapel and grand hall that features 22 foot high ceilings, an expansive Italian fresco, and a five hundred year old  fireplace.  The wine cellars and aging  rooms below ground  aren’t like those of  every other winery dotting the landscape having instead been barrel vaulted  with stone and weaving a maze that eventually takes visitors to a torture chamber replete with a 300 year old iron maiden from Italy and an armory with period weapons and armor.

For those who are actually interested in the vintages produced  by this winery, Sattui opted to create high quality wines on par with those of the nearby winery of V. Sattui.  Produced on site are Carnet Sauvignon, Sangiovese, Chardonnay, Gewurztraminer, Pinot  Grigio, Pinot Biano, Muscato, Gioia-Rosato di Sangiovese, Merlot, La Fantasia,  and their famous Il Barone Reserve Carnet Sauvignon.

Since Napa Valley is located conveniently near San Francisco, a day trip to Castello di Amorosa and the surrounding areas is an absolute must see for anyone traveling to the Bay Area.